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  • Training tips for the High coast terrain from elite runners Helena and Albin

    Training tips with Helena and Albin 2017-11-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Swedish national team stars Helena Bergman and Albin Ridefelt will offer a series of tips for mastering the terrain during O-Ringen 2018.
  • The World Masters Series MTBO at O-Ringen 2018

    WMS cyklister utför MtbO 2017-11-17 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The first two days of MTBO at O Ringen will be the final two races of World Master Series (WMS) 2018.
  • Pod #90 - Thierry Gueorgiou, now in blue and yellow

    Pod 90 Thierry 2017-11-09 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Met the great Frenchman with 14 WOC gold medals.
  • 8 478 orienteers already entered O-Ringen Höga Kusten 2018

    2017-11-02 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The interest to orienteer and experience the unique High Coast of Sweden is very high.
  • Where will your club camp during O-Ringen?

    2017-10-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    You can now see which camping options your clubmates have selected. In order to make it easier for you to find out which campground your friends and clubmates are staying at, you can now see a list of all camping reservations made so far.
  • New Procedure for punching cards for 2018

    Verifieringsstation 2017-10-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    After a successful experiment with SI-chip control stations at O-Ringen 2017 in Värmland, we will simplify the procedures for using SI-chips even more for O- Ringen High Coast 2018.
  • Tove and Olav winners on Thursday

    Linnéa Golsäter 2017-07-27 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Tove Alexandersson won her third victory this year's O-Ringen week. Thursday offered middle distance in quite tough terrain in Boda outside of Koppom.
  • Exciting finale awaits in the men's class

    Linnéa Golsäter 2017-07-27 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Paimion Rasti's Olav Lundanes goes out first in tomorrow's chasing start. Four seconds before Eskil Kinneberg, IFK Göteborg and eleven seconds before William Lind, Skogsmårdarna, Malung.
  • Don´t miss O-Ringen closing party

    2017-07-27 | Höga Kusten 2018
    It´s time to reserve the sixth stage to celebrate the closing of a fantastic week in the Värmlands forests. A closing party will be a perfect rounding of the O-Ringen week for both young and old.
  • Two new stage winners increas the thrill

    2017-07-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Anne M Hausken Norberg and Olav Lundanes are third stage winners in D21 and H21 Elite.
  • Favorites are victorious in the elite sprint

    Tove ger segerintervju efter målgång 2017-07-25 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Tove Alexandersson seems unstoppable at O-Ringen. On Sunday she won the long distance in Skjutsbol by a wide margin and today she was the fastest in the sprint in central Arvika.
  • Healthcare during O-Ringen

    Healthcare 2017-07-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    How to find healthcare
  • Rent a bike at the O-Ringen Square

    Hyr cykel 2017-07-21 | Höga Kusten 2018
    At Arvika Kanot och Turistcenter you can rent and pick up your bike.
  • A lot to do at O-Ringen Square

    Torget under uppbyggnad 2017-07-20 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Visit O-Ringen Square for food, entertainment, shopping, and activities.

  • More practical information about your week at O-Ringen

    VM-Laget Mårten Lång 2017-07-15 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Find out were your campsite is, meet the Swedish WOC team and remeber to book parking.

  • Read all about O-Ringen Värmland 2017 in the Programme

    Programtidning eng 2017 2017-07-12 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Competition facts, activities and what to do in Värmland, you will find it all in the programme

  • Check your entry, book parking and prepare for a week of fun

    Sluttning värmland 2017-07-07 | Höga Kusten 2018
    You can now check your entry and on July 11:th the campsite distribution will be published.

  • Tove Alexandersson will compete at O‑Ringen Värmland 2017

    Tove Alexandersson sprint 2017-05-06 | Höga Kusten 2018
    We are proud to present 10-time O-Ringen winner and 2-time World Champion Tove Alexandersson in the start field for the 2017 O-Ringen Elite Tour.
  • Thierry is runnig his last year?

    Thierry mål Skåne etapp 5 2017-04-19 | Höga Kusten 2018
    In August after O-Ringen new challenges awaits one of the absolute best orienteers though all times. How do he view his last elite season and how will he take on the new job as technical coach?
  • The world’s largest orienteering adventure is coming to Åre!

    Åreskutan Linn Nordlund 2017-04-07 | Höga Kusten 2018
    O-Ringen AB and the Åre Municipality have reached agreement on plans to organize O-Ringen, the world’s largest orienteering adventure, in Åre, an area famous for its ski resorts, in 2021.
  • Entry period extendend until April 2:nd, the prices will be adjusted 

    Camping i solnedgång 2017-04-01 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Prices rose a day early in the systems and we will refund the difference for all the bookings that are made with the incorrect higher price.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to save 20% on your entry fee by April 1:st

    Sälenvy 2017-03-30 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Book your start to this summers big adventure in the wild and wounderful forests of Värmland.
  • Detailed description of the stages in wild and wonderful Värmland

    Kartklipp E3 2017 2017-02-06 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Now you can read about the different experience you will find at the Foot O stages at O-Ringen Värmland 2017.
  • 5,405 have already signed up for O-Ringen Värmland 2017

    Folk och flaggor vid mål 2016-11-02 | Höga Kusten 2018
    With its wild and wonderful forests and a big camping, O-Ringen Värmland attracts orienteers from all over the world. Already 1st of November, 5 405 participants have signed up for next summer's adventure.
  • Enter before Nov 1 to save 30%

    E2 E4 Värmland karta bild 2016-10-31 | Höga Kusten 2018
    First entry period is comming to an end but there is still a chanse to save 30% on the entry to the world largest orienteering adventure.

  • High standard in the pursuit at O-Ringen

    fjäll 2016-07-29 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Thierry and Tove. That’s enough. Thierry Gueorgiou and Tove Alexandersson arte the best orienteerers in the world and they had a nice trip on their way to the finish line of O-Ringen at Sälen.
    - I’ve had an amazing week here in Dalarna and winning O-Ringen is something I really enjoy, says Tove Alexandersson who was celebrated by thousands at the goal in Lindvallen.

  • Festival feeling at the final

    fjäll 2016-07-29 | Höga Kusten 2018
    And suddenly the party was over! The whole week felt like a party and as icing on the cake we had the pursuit today. It was a joy standing at the finish line seeing the different reactions from the participants. One time happiness, the other time someone was crying, and another one was angry. I felt for the ones who started first and got passed just at the end.
  • Follow DH21 Elit live via Livelox

    Livelox D21E 2016-07-29 | Höga Kusten 2018
    After the start in D21 E och H21 E you will be able to follow the competiotion via GPS tarcks at Livelox.

  • The favorites chasing the victory

    Thierry 2016-07-28 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Sure, the weather can be as dramatic as a competition for the best in the world. But right now there are two orienteerers that can handle all different kind of weathers and problems. Their names are Tove Alexandersson and Thierry Gueorgiou. Now they’re chasing the victory in O-Ringen.
  • Cosy, despite the fog and rain

    Kyhlberg 2016-07-28 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The cosy atmosphere during the orienteering festival this year is on top. Not even the fog and rain could take away that feeling as I walked among the competitors and organizers. My meeting with Ingemar Kylberg from Malung strengthened my impression of the atmosphere.
  • O-Ringen is an unbeatable meeting poin

    Erik 2016-07-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    O-Ringen is an amazing meeting point. Both for making new friends as well as keeping in touch with the ones you already have. It’s touching to listen to the older ones when they are talking about the development they have experienced in the Forrest. It is moving when ten year old girls are helping each other when one of them can’t find the control that she needs to find to not ruin the day.
  • It’s an even fight in the junior classes

    Tilda Johansson, OK Orion. Foto: Lars Rönnols 2016-07-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Now that three stages are done it is time to present the result in the four elite classes for juniors.
  • Fast running in the mountain of Dalarna

    Jerker 2016-07-25 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Tove Alexandersson and Jerker Lysell are running with the highest speed this O-Ringen. They both crushed their opponents in the second stage. O-Ringen in the mountains of Dalarna has so far invited to fast running. The best runners are keeping a speed around 5 minutes per kilometre in the hilly terrain.
  • O-Ringen started off with a success

    2016-07-24 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Tove Alexandersson and Thierry Gueorgiou were today’s favourites and they both won at the first stage of O-Ringen, which began this Sunday at Högfjällshotellet in Sälen.
  • The AXA-relay was an even fight

    Axa 2016-07-24 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The 2016 edition of the AXA-relay attracted 57 teams and were determined right after the opening ceremony. Youths in the ages of 14-16 got their strenght tested in the hard surroundings of Lindvallen.
  • Sälen is trembeling with excitement

    invigning 2016-07-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The opening ceremony for O-Ringen was
    this afternoon, which means that years of preparations has come to an end. This is the sixth time O-Ringen is in Dalarna, and the second time in Sälen.

  • Final startlist for MW21E

    2016-07-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Final startlists for MW21E are available now.

  • Final startlists for ALL JUNIOR ELITE CLASSES

    junior 2016-07-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Final startlists for ALL JUNIOR ELITE CLASSES are available now.
  • Important information about number bibs

    Nummerlapp Sälen 2016-07-20 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Today, the race office at O-Ringen opens, and you can pick up your number bib. Avoid the queue by, if possible, get it before Saturday .
  • AXA Youth relay

    AXA Youth relay 23 July 2016 2016-07-20 | Höga Kusten 2018
    In connection with the opening of O-Ringen Sälen 2016, Saturday 23 July, AXA - relay will be held. The place is at the O- Ringen Square, Lindvallen and the race starts at 18:00 .
  • Programme on the web

    Programme 2016-07-08 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The programme is now available on the web, both as a web publication and as a pdf. It coantains all necessary information about the event.
  • Starting list for O-Ringen Sälen

    Mål Borås 2016-07-05 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Starting starting lists for O-Ringen Sälen are available at
  • Meet the Swedish WOC team in Sälen

    Tove Alexandersson 2016-06-21 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The Swedish team for WOC 2016 in Tanum/Strömstad will be in Sälen, preparing for the championship. There you can meet with them, get an augograph, and maybe some training tips.
  • Pod #65 - Triple 2015 WOC-gold medallist Maja Alm from Denmark

    Maja Alm Pod #65 2016-06-21 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Meet the triple WOC-gold medallist from Scotland 2015, Maja Alm from Denmark. In Scotland she won the individual sprint gold with a smashing margin.
  • All go by bus

    Swebus O-Ringen 2016-06-09 | Höga Kusten 2018
    For the environment and the safety there will be buses for all who want to go to the arenas of O-Ringen 5 days.
  • Davids stage tips for O-Ringen Sälen 2016

    Map Stage 2 2016-05-27 | Höga Kusten 2018
    David Andersson, a frequent national team runner, gives his tips after running and analyzing maps of the stages.
  • Transfers to and from dream orientering in Sälen

    Bus time table O-Ringen from Gardemon 2016-05-26 | Höga Kusten 2018
    We have put togehther some different option for you to get to and from O-Ringen Sälen 2016.
  • I'm looking forward to competing in Sälen!

    Synne Strand O-Ringen Sälen 2016 2016-05-20 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The young Synne Strand from Asker Skiklubb in Norway is one of many junior girls who will race at O-Ringen in Sälen.
  • I’m fully focused on O-Ringen

    Annika 2016-05-13 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Many big names in orienteering will line up to compete at this summer’s O-Ringen in Sälen. Annika Billstam is one of them. We caught up with her ahead of the tough week of competition in July.
  • There will be plenty of elite runners in Sälen 2016

    Thierry 2016-05-12 | Höga Kusten 2018
    If you're "starstruck", Sälen 2016 is a great opportunity to get close to the elite. There are already many of the worlds best runners entried, even though there are a few months until the competition starts.
  • Anne-Margrethe on the way to Sälen this summer.

    anne margerethe 2016-04-21 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Winner of O-Ringen 2008 and 2015, now Anne-Margrethe Hausken Nordberg is preparing for O-Ringen 2016 and the WOC in Strömstad Tanum. Here she shares her training this spring and some tips from Sälen 2008.
  • O-Ringen in Sälen on the way to world record

    1 april 2016-04-04 | Höga Kusten 2018
    15 275 participants from 30 nations. With more than three months to the first start O-Ringen is about to hit the ages of participants for an orienteering competition.- We see, hear, and feel that there is a great interest in getting to Dalarna and take part in O-Ringen in Sälen, says a delighted Jimmy Birklin, Secretary General of the race.
  • Accommodation in Sälen

    Stuga 2016-03-18 | Höga Kusten 2018
    Are you planning to participate in Sälen this summer but lacks accommodation. Still there are cottages, apartments, hotel rooms and campsites available.
  • Get 20% discount on the entry fee by registering before 1st of April

    Orirenteering O-Ringen Sälen 2016 2016-03-16 | Höga Kusten 2018
    This year's special O-Ringen with dream orienteering in the Swedish mountains is getting closer. If you enter before 1st of April you get a 20% discount on the ordinary entry fee.
  • World Runners ready for O-Ringen in Sälen

    Annika 2016-02-25 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The world champions Annika Billstam and Thierry Gueorgiou will run O-Ringen this summer.
  • O-Ringen 2019 in Kolmården

    Kolmården 2016-02-05 | Höga Kusten 2018
    2019 year's O-Ringen, the world's largest orienteering adventure, will be held in Kolmården and Norrköping. The event, expected to attract up to 25 000 people to the region.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with orienteering!

    God JUL, engelsk 2015-12-23 | Höga Kusten 2018
    O-Ringen wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to meet you in Sälen in the new year 2016.

  • Be an Orienteering Santa Claus

    IOFs kampanj 2015-12-16 | Höga Kusten 2018
    O-Ringen have always worked with and contributed to the development of the sport, today it is one of the missions from the owners, the Swedish Orienteering Federation, to:
    Be a platform for the development of orienteering in Sweden and in the world.

  • Camping in Sälen

    Camping 2015-12-15 | Höga Kusten 2018
    O-Ringen in Sälen offers comfortable accommodation in your own cosy cottage with the mountains on your doorstep. For those of you who prefer camping you can choose between Tandådalen and Kläppen.
  • Christmas shopping at O-Ringen

    Dalahäst 2015-12-03 | Höga Kusten 2018
    December has come and we are counting the days for Christmas. In O-Ringen webshop you can find the presents that will make you dream of the summer in Sälen.
  • Questions & answers from the expert on Sälen.

    Roger 2015-11-24 | Höga Kusten 2018
    What kind of compass will be the best choice in Sälen? What is the best way of taking the controls on mountain?

  • Invitation O-Ringen Academy International 2016

    2015-11-09 | Sälen 2016
    Now the entry for Academy 2016 is open! Welcome to a week full of orienteering development during O-Ringen 2016.

  • Huge interest for O Ringen 2016 in Sälen

    2015-11-03 | Sälen 2016
    Interest is sky high for next summer’s O-Ringen in Sälen. 10,792 participants registered for the orienteering event by 1 November, many more than the same time last year.
  • 5 things that makes O‑Ringen an adventure you can't miss

    2015-10-28 | Värmland 2017
    Most people have come in contact with orienteering in some way. Just navigating city streets or trying a real race but there is something special with O‑Ringen that can be hard to describe. We have chosen 5 of our favorites when it comes to what makes O‑Ringen so great.
  • New english newsletter from O-Ringen

    2015-10-20 | Sälen 2016
    It’s now high time to start thinking about entering O-Ringen 2016 in Sälen. Early entries are open until 1 November!Enter on or before this date for a 30% discount on the ordinary entry fee. You will also have the chance to win great prizes.
  • Accommodation for O-Ringen in Sälen

    2015-10-15 | Sälen 2016
    The first entry deadline for O-Ringen in Sälen is now approaching. Are you and your club thinking about coming to Sälen, or maybe you have already decided to come but haven’t booked accommodation yet. O-Ringen has checked the situation with our accommodation agents and several different accommodation alternatives are still available. 
  • Podcast #48 Lars Lindström -The man behind the sucessful Danish Team

    Terrängbild Boda 2015-09-30 | Sälen 2016
    In Radio O-Ringen podcast #48 you meet the national coach of Denmark, Lars Lindström. Clearly the most successful coach ever in Denmark.

  • We’ve tested the dream terrain for O-Ringen MTBO 2016

    2015-09-14 | Sälen 2016
    During O-Ringen in Sälen in summer 2016, the mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) competitions will be staged in the terrain around Rörbäcksnäs in northern Dalarna. We’ve been testing the terrain.
  • 2016 World Championships team heading for O-Ringen in Sälen

    Buss 2015-09-11 | Sälen 2016
    Sweden’s WOC team have now confirmed their attendance at O-Ringen in Sälen next summer. “Sälen will be the perfect springboard and a fantastic opportunity to reach top form ahead of WOC. I’m looking forward to tough training and competitions in mountain terrain,” says Håkan Carlsson, head coach of the Swedish orienteering team.
  • O-Ringen Sälen 2016 Invitation-Magazine

    2015-08-10 | Sälen 2016
    Next issue of O-Ringentidningen, nr 3-2015, are now available in an English version. Read all about Sälen 2016.
  • 18 058 competitors experienced O‑Ringen 2015

    2015-07-24 | Höga Kusten 2018
    After the final stage we can summerize this years O-Ringen. 18 058 competitors did totally 72 034 starts during the week.
  • See our films from O-Ringen 2015

    2015-07-19 | Höga Kusten 2018
    At O-Ringen TV:s YouTube channel you can find all the films of the different stages for O-Ringen Borås 2015.

  • Entry for Sälen 2016 opened

    2015-07-17 | Sälen 2016
    During the friday the entry for O-Ringen Sälen 2016 opened up.
  • Radio O-Ringen podcast # 44 Emil Wingstedt

    Terrängbild Boda 2015-07-09 | Borås 2015
    In Radio O-Ringen podcast #44 you meet Emil Wingstedt. He turned 40 this year but he´s still a great sprint orienteer. He won the Norwegian championships earlier this year. Impressive.

  • Race areas decided for MTBO

    2015-07-09 | Värmland 2017
    Areas for the mountain­bike­orienteering have been decided for O-Ringen in Värmland 2017.
  • Discover Värmland 2017 at O-Ringen in Borås

    2015-07-09 | Värmland 2017
    At O-Ringen Borås? Visit our stand and discover Wild Wonderful Värmland! Listen to the great stories of Värmland or find out about great activities to combine for a great vacation 2017.
  • Information folder 2018

    2015-07-07 | Höga Kusten 2018
    You can download our information folder about O-Ringen Höga Kusten 2018.

  • Programme on the web

    2015-07-07 | Höga Kusten 2018
    The programme is now available on the web, both as a web publication and as a pdf. It coantains all necessary information about the event.
  • Great interest for the summer’s O-Ringen 2015

    2015-07-05 | Borås 2015
    There is great interest ahead of the year’s big festival, O-Ringen, which will take place for the fifty-first time. A whole 11 020 participants registered before the entry on June 1st. A good figure, which means we can expect upwards of 16-17,000 participants at this year's O-Ringen in Borås.
  • Tina Thörner the map reader from Värmland

    2015-07-01 | Värmland 2017
    Leading up to O-Ringen Värmland 2017 we are taking the opportunity to meet a few famous profiles from Värmland and that can give us a taste of what expect 2017. First out is Tina Thörner from Värmlandsnäs outside of Säffle. She has some experiance reading the map, in speeds closer to 150km/h.
  • CONTEST: Where is Ringo?

    2015-06-25 | Borås 2015
    In our new music video we have a visitor! It is our beloved O-Ringen moose called Ringo. How many of his hiding places can you find? Join the contest and win an action camera!

  • Radio O-Ringen podcast # 43 Daniel Hubmann

    2015-06-24 | Borås 2015
    In Radio O-Ringen podcast #43 you meet one of the best orienteers in the world for the last decade, Daniel Hubmann from Switzerland.

  • Arenas chosen for Värmland

    2015-06-23 | Värmland 2017
    A lot of work goes in to choosing a great O-Ringen arena. Värmland has vast areas of great old forests and gave us the privilage to choose between several great arenas. The final 3 arenas have been selected after running in the terrain and looking at logistics. read about them here.

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