Learn and Try

If you want to know more about orienteering, we have a number of entry level courses for all ages during the O-Ringen week. These include the Kids' Race for the youngest, Introduction & Youth classes for the somewhat older, and Try Courses for adults.

Experience the forest and nature while you learn more about orienteering. This week can be a great introduction to orienteering. We hope you will feel welcome and will leave here with great memories and a desire to return to the woods.

If you have any questions about orienteering, you can always turn to the orienteering school at the arena.

All introductory classes are available on all five days of O-Ringen. Each class has open start times during the following times:

  • Foot Orienteering: 08.30-13.30
  • MTBO: 10.00-13.00 (08.30-13.30 for Stage 5)
  • Trail Orienteering: 13.00-15.00

The Inskolning classes have the easiest orinentering courses. It is ok run together with a friend, or be shadowed by an adult.

Miniknat/String Orienteering

Miniknat, or String Orienteering, is a very popular introductory activity for the youngest kids. In Miniknat, kids follow a streamered course betwen check points, which feature different activities, challenges, and fun surprised. Miniknat will be available at every stage of O-Ringen at the race arenas.


Inskolning och U-klass är ett 5-dagars i miniformat med ny tävling varje dag. För samtliga klasser gäller fri starttid på samtliga etapper. Inskolningsklassen är enklast och här får du hjälp att hitta runt banan då det sitter ledsna och glada emojis i skogen som säger om du är på rätt väg eller inte. Det är ok att springa i par och/eller att ha med sig en vuxen som "skuggar".

The Inskolning (Introduction) and U-classes provide a 5-day experience for kids and beginners with a new course each day. The Inskolning classes are the simplest. They feature posters of "happy" and "sad" faces along the trails in the forest to make sure you do not stray too far off course. It is ok to run with a friend or to be shadowed by an adult. Open start times are available on all five stages in these classes.

U1 and U2

The development classes U1 and U2 are aimed at kids who are learning more about orienteering and developing their skills. You will get a result each day, and it is ok to run with a friend, or be shadowed by an adult.


If you want to know what it feels like to orienteer, or if are you a seasoned runner wanting to cross over to another discipline, this is for you. There are Try-out courses available for the Foot O, Mtb O and Trail O disciplines.

Foot O and Mtb O offer Try-out courses on Sunday - Monday (stages 1 and 2) and Wednesday - Friday (stages 3, 4 and 5). Trail O is offered on Tuesday ("activity day").

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