We are hoping for an O-Ringen 2021!

We had a chat with project manager Jens Lindquist to see where we stand right now.

We leave a different 2020 behind us, a year that unlike earlier years had no O-Ringen for any of us. But now we face a new year and several good reasons to believe that there will be an O-Ringen this summer. Because of that we are working all out towards O-Ringen Uppsala 2021. We had a chat with project manager Jens Lindquist to see where we stand right now.

How does it feel right now?

It feels very good. Last week we got positive signals from Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Swedish public health agency, regarding exceptions from the limits on the number of participants in outdoor events if they take place in a setting with low or moderate risk for infection. That is good to know.

When will you take a decision about execution?

We will try to take a decision as late as possible to wait for a hopefully positive development in general society with lower risk and spread of infection, successful vaccination et cetera. But a decision must obviously be taken within a reasonable time frame so by early May we will probably know if O-Ringen Uppsala 2021 can be held or not.

How are you planning for O-Ringen right now, under these circumstances?

For starters we follow the developments and the information from relevant authorities very closely. We also have continuous contact with the regional unit for infectious disease control in Uppsala about, among other things, what adjustments and arrangements we can make to have an event that is as safe as possible, provided that we are allowed to hold it. We also communicate on a weekly basis with the other big running events to be able to help each other in these trying times.

Do I dare to apply?

Yes, absolutely. Bookings are open as usual and if O-Ringen cannot be held this summer your booking will automatically be moved forward to O-Ringen Uppsala 2022. If you cannot participate in 2022 you will be given a voucher that can be used for upcoming O-Ringen events. You can also transfer your start to someone else if you are unable to participate when the event is moved.

Thank you, Jens, for the positive report!

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