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Uppsala 2022
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We still have campsites left

There are still campsites without electricity to book for O-Ringen Uppsala 2022. The places with electricity are sold out, but in the event of a cancellation, the campsite will be posted in our booking portal.

O-Ringen City camp ground is situated on Ultuna, only 15 min (4 km) by bike and 7 km with car from Uppsala Central station. O-Ringen square is located in the middle of the camping area and you can jump on the stage buses directly from here. Although the distance to all of the stages are 5-8 km so biking (or walking) is a good choice.

The following service features are available at the campsite:

  • Toilets
  • Water and tables for dishwashing
  • Emptying of latrine
  • Charging stations for phones/computers/tablets
  • Kiosks with a simple selection of breakfast and snacks

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