Try the terrain in Smålandskusten

Smålandskusten 2024
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The competitions will start soon

Why not take the opportunity to try the Smålandskust terrain right now? We have listed a number of competitions arranged by the contributing clubs - starting already next weekend!

26 March, SOK Viljan / national competition

27 March, Kalmar OK / national competition

2-3 April, Nybro OK

15-16 April, Eksjö SOK

21-22 May, Västerviks OK / JVM test

4 July, Västerviks OK / national sprint competition

5-6 July, Gamleby OK / Tjust 2-days

13 August, Målilla OK / national competition

28 August, Ålems OK / Lång DM

3-4 September, Vimmerby OK & Hultsfreds OK / DM-stafett & Medel-DM

3-4 September, Nybro OK / MTBO Svenska cupen

17-19 September OK Njudung (Vetlanda) / Veteran-SM

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