Christmas calendar 2022

Åre 2023
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Every day until Christmas Eve

We start tomorrow - a new question every day.

Nice prizes to be won every day in our Christmas calendar in our social media.

We have books, free stage starts, training clothes and more and on Christmas Eve you compete for a campsite at Molanda for the entire O-Ringen week.

Are you in?

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      Transport to our Foot-O arenas

      During O-Ringen Åre this summer, you as a participant will need a bus ticket to get to the Foot-O arenas in Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn.

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    • Åre 2023

      Training courses with timing

      Get ready for your adventure by taking one of our training courses with timing that we offer for Foot-O. Do your registration in our booking portal or at the Competitor services at the O-Ringen square. No registration on site. You will pick up your map at the Competitor services at the O-Ringen square where you also do the read out of you SI-card after the course.

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    • Åre 2023

      What do you want to read about?

      In about 2 months, the next issue of the O-Ringen magazine will come out and we are just about to start our work with the new issue. What would you like to read about?

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      Viktor Svensk i podden

      I årets första Oringenpodden möter Viktor Svensk från Borlänge och Stora Tuna OK. Viktor är yngst i en fyra bröder stark kvartett från Skräddarbacken.

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