Training courses with timing

Åre 2023
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Welcome to Ottsjö

Get ready for your adventure by taking one of our training courses with timing that we offer for Foot-O. Do your registration in our booking portal or at the Competitor services at the O-Ringen square. No registration on site. You will pick up your map at the Competitor services at the O-Ringen square where you also do the read out of you SI-card after the course.

The training courses are avliable during the period Wednesday July 19 - Saturday July 23.

The training courses are located in Ottsjö 30 km from Åre by.

The following courses are avaliable:

  • Mycket lätt 2 (Very easy)
  • Lätt 2,5 (Easy)
  • Lätt 4 (Easy)
  • Medelsvår 3 (Moderate)
  • Medelsvår 4 (Moderate)
  • Medelsvår 5 (Moderate)
  • Svår 3 (Difficult)
  • Svår 5 (Difficult)
  • Svår 7,5 (Difficult)

Buy your training course with timing here External link, opens in new window..

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