Transport to our Foot-O arenas

Åre 2023
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Bus ticket to get to our arenas

During O-Ringen Åre this summer, you as a participant will need a bus ticket to get to the Foot-O arenas in Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn.

The bus ticket will cost SEK 70 per competition day or SEK 345 for the whole week. The bus ticket includes discounts and offers that are useful during the O-Ringen week, such as 10% discount on ICA Åre, a discount on the club cake at Åre bakery and discounts on experiences at Holiday club. Children and youths up to the age of 16 (born 2007 or later) travel for free on our buses. The executive committee of the orienteering federation has granted O-Ringen an exemption to exclude the cost of transportation from the registration fee.

The reason for our need to charge a fee is the fact that the transport costs have risen to three times their original level in a fairly short time. The increase is due to two years of pandemic related postponement together with the prevailing external situation with generally increased costs.

Our campsite in Molanda will have transport by bus from the campsite to our Foot-O arenas. For other accommodations in Åredalen, parking will be available at one of our satellite parking lots with further transport by bus or train to the arena. Participants in MTBO and TrailO have their own arenas that offer parking every day, so you do not require a bus ticket.

Practical information about the purchase of bus tickets will be sent separately. As soon as all parking areas and bus lines are ready, they will be posted on our website. This will be done well in advance of week 30.

A warm welcome to Åre – together we will create the world's largest orienteering adventure!

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