Molanda or Röjsmon?

Åre 2023
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In Åre we offer two camp grounds - make sure to get your camp site!

We have one camp ground at Molanda and a smaller camp ground in Järpen at Röjsmons idrottsplats.

Camping Molanda

Molanda is usually a small airport, located 5 km from Järpen and 25 km from Åre village. Molanda is beautifully located by the Indalsälven. The campsite has around 900 pitches, half of which have electricity. At the campsite, there will be a restaurant, food truck, kiosks, showers and laundry facilities, just as it usually is at the O-Ringencamping. There will also be barbecue areas and good opportunities for a swim.

We will also have our Competitor Service available at the campsite to some extent for changes, purchase of start and BIB printing.

From the campsite at Molanda, you take a bus directly to arena Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn. For those who choose MTBO or TrailO, you take the car directly to the arena and park there.

Camping Röjsmon

The other campsite, Röjsmon sports ground, has approx. 120 pitches, half of which have electricity. Röjsmon is located in the middle of Järpen and here you are close to shops and restaurants. Here there are showers and changing rooms, but also laundry facilities. The distance from Camping Röjsmon to Undersåker is approximately 14 km and the distance to Åre village is approximately 25 km.

Transport to the stages from Röjsmon

Stage 1 and 2 (Trillevallen)

Car to the satellite parking in Undersåker. Stage buses then leave from here. O-Ringen's participants also have the opportunity to travel with Länstrafiken's buses from Järpen to Undersåker for onward transport with O-Ringen buses to Trillevallen.

Stage 3 (Järpen)

There will also be buses from the center of Järpen to the third stage. From Röjsmon, it is approximately a 150 meter walk to the buses.

Stages 4 and 5 (Ånn)

Take the car to the satellite parking in Staa for further transport by bus to the stages. O-Ringen's participants also have the opportunity to travel with Länstrafiken's buses from Järpen to Åre for onward transport to the stages in Ånn.

Book your camp site here. External link, opens in new window.

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