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As usual, we have an activity day in the middle of the competition programme – this year, we’re providing this alongside SkiStar.

It will be on 25th July for everyone taking part in the Foot-O and Trail-O. For MTBO competitors and the Elite Tour, it will be on Wednesday 26th July.

There will be lots going on. On the programme we have Stage 3 of the Elite Tour, Engcon Elite Sprint, in Åre town centre. In partnership with SkiStar, we’re also organising a wide range of activities to choose from.

Use the lift system to get up and enjoy the beautiful views and mountain surroundings of the high open fells, while saving your legs some climbing. Perhaps you would like to use some of the many hiking trails when you’re up there; almost all the trails can be adapted to let you travel either up or down in the lift. The best lifts to use depend on which trail you want to hike. You can find an overview of the lift system at skistar.com External link, opens in new window. – Åre – Summer.

In Åre Björnen you’ll find a climbing park for the whole family, featuring 9 different courses with different levels of difficulty. This year, the climbing park has a new course and now features tree climbing – where, with the help of a harness and ledges, you can climb a tree using your own strength.

The courses have a total of 80 different obstacles, all in and around the trees, including rope swings and climbing walls. The height levels in the park vary, with a highest point of 12m above the ground. To use the climbing park you must be at least 7 years old and 120cm tall. For younger climbers, there is a smaller park in Björnen centre, where everyone can try some of the easier obstacles at a lower height.

The climbing park also has 11 ziplines. The longest is 62m long and takes you on a wonderful journey over Björnbacken, with views across Åresjön.

The climbing park is located next to Åre Bike Park – Trail, which is Scandinavia’s largest bike park and a trail arena perfect for adults and children alike. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can pre-order hire online at skistar.com or at SkiStarshop in Åre. Then you just have to get out there, either on downhill runs or on our network of cycling trails.

If all that isn’t enough, you can play padel, bathe, relax at a cafe or just enjoy the beautiful views. However you decide, we recommend checking the website at skistar.com External link, opens in new window.. Click on Åre, then Summer!

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