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Camping spots for Molanda and Röjsmon are now distributed

Curious about where your club will be placed at the campsite? You’ll find the answer here. The distribution of camping spots at O-Ringen camping in Molanda & Röjsmon has been completed. The campground is divided into several campsite areas and the electricity supply is strictly provided to areas. As usual, we have done our very best to promote the feeling of togetherness by placing in the order of districts and clubs together.

How do I find where my spot/club is located?

Here is the link to the list of all the camping options we have in the integration platform this year:

(Places without El at Röjsmon is not visible in the platform but on the map)

https://integration.oringen.se/ServiceRequests?serviceIds=396,397,398,399 External link, opens in new window.

1.       You will then come to a page where all camping bookings are collected. Type your name or your club's name in the search field. On the far right, the Plats column shows your assigned spot.

If you have not been assigned a place, it may be because your reservation was made after June 5 (documents will be available upon arrival with your information via maps and camping hosts)

The site range includes all of the club's sites within each camping category (e.g. 9x9m with electricity). Please note that the mutual distribution of the seats takes place within the club. You can see who from your club has booked other campsites by searching the club name.

2.       Use theese maps to see where your spot is located.

Molanda overview Opens in new window.

Molanda kvarter A1 Opens in new window.

Molanda kvarter A2 Opens in new window.

Molanda kvarter B1 Opens in new window.

Molanda kvarter B2 Opens in new window.

Molanda kvarter B3 Opens in new window.

Röjsmon overview Opens in new window.

How do I read location notifications?

The letter in the location designation is the camping area. The number/series of numbers after that are the club's campsites. For example, A241-A246 means that you live in area A and that the club has been assigned seats 241-246.

Note that there is a difference between commas and hyphens between numbers. For example, the entry D122-125 means that the club has been allocated the four places that are within this range, but D126,128,130,132 that the club has been allocated only these four places and not the places corresponding to the numbers between these places.

Molanda has the designations with Area A and B and Röjsmon with area R.

Large camping spot is named with 2 boxes in parentheses, (A001/A002)

In some cases with unclear clubs or later bookings, the booking code is also included in the string to easily identify the box..

How do I find my campsite?

The campsite, at Molanda, is divided into two areas but with an entrance, as is the campsite at Röjsmon, which in the site description has an R indicated before the site number, but Röjsmon only has one area and a series starting with R001.

When you arrive at the Camping area, you will see an information sign. There is a notice board with a map and lists of the clubs and their location. Follow the signs and drive into the camping area where camping hosts welcome and help. The boxes are numbered in sequence with the lowest number at the entrance to the road (not with odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other).

Important information about your stay

The campsite is on mixed ground which may have some unevenness when you drive on it. Contact a campsite host if you need wood to adjust the caravan.

ATTENTION! If the fire authority has issued restrictions on the use of open fires, they apply to the campsite.

Sustainible camping

At all service stations there are bins for waste sorting. Sort your waste and throw it in the right container.

Information about late booking of campspot

There are a number of spots left to book via Competitor Service, which opens July 19th at 12:00 AM.

Questions about camping?

Please contact us info@oringen.se

Our campsites for O-Ringen Åre 2023 are ready to accomodate all campers from noon on July 19th. Welcome to Åre - we wish you a wonderful stay!

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