Buses from Molanda to Åre

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Here comes information about Länstrafikens buses

For those of you who want to take a bus from Molanda into Åre by, it is possible to do so for free with Länstrafiken's buses on the competition days until 17.00. Bus 157 runs from E14 near Undersåker's kyrka.

The bus stop is located along the E14, there is no footpath or sidewalk along the E14, so we ask you to be very careful.

If you are going to Åre by bus, go about 600 meters west from the road junction at E14. The stop is called Slagsån's Fotbollsplan. Travelling time is about 20 minutes.

Bus 157 operates this route and approximately 4 minutes after the departure time from Järpen, the bus passes Slagsåns E14.

When you go from Åre to Molanda, you take the same bus, bus 157 from Åre Resecentrum at Stationshuset in Åre and then go east. The stop is called Undersåkers Kyrka and is right next to the intersection of the road that goes into Molanda.

Here again you have to be very careful as there is no pavement or footpath next to the E14.

For more info Länstrafiken Jämtland/Härjedalen. External link, opens in new window.

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