Sweden's most capped international has an eye on the courts

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Chance for everyone to try precision orienteering on Tuesday

Martin Fredholm, OK Linné, has belonged to the Swedish national team in precision orienteering the longest of all and has participated in all World Championships since the premiere in 2004. The World Cup starts have resulted in five World Championship medals. There have also been three elite victories in O-Ringen. No doubt he is is a very qualified course controller for this year's PreO in Åre!

Since there are no active precision orienteers in Jämtland O-Ringen has hired experienced course designers from Uppland and Stockholm. A group consisting of Owe, Eva and Martin
Fredholm from OK Linné and Göran Andersson, Attunda OK, have shared the assignment.

– We have worked as a group, where I have perhaps mostly acted as a course controller, says Martin
Fredholm. This means that this coming week's precision orienteering competitions have an extremely experienced track controller.

Martin has belonged to the Swedish national team in PreO for as long as you can remember. At the World Cup premiere In 2004 in Västmanland, Martin was on the team and has since participated in all the World Championships that have been arranged!
This has resulted in two golds and three silvers individually as well as one gold and one silver in the team competitions. Even before 2004, there were several national team assignments. He has also won a total of four victories in the O-Ring. In 1998 in Gävle, Martin won the A-class and already two years later came the first elite victory in 2000 in Hallsberg. He has been an elite victory also in Mjölby in 2007 and Örnsköldsvik 2018.

What do the participants in PreO have to look forward to in this year's O-Ringen?
– It starts with an exciting competition on bare mountains where, among other things, there will be some tasks (controls) with long distances, upwards of 500 meters, says the course inspector.
– The second stage offers a "regular" forest stage in Vålådalen. However, it will be a little different the
Third stage, with an exciting area with a lot of slag heaps after mining. After that it will be a little more normal courses again.

Martin believes that his, and the rest of the course design group's, experience means a lot when they have planned
this year's PreO competitions. In a relatively short time on site they have managed to find all checkpoints and plan all courses.

There is a chance to test PreO for those who are interested. Every day there are open courses. Then on Tuesday there is a "try-out day" in Vålådalen where there is the opportunity to test the race tracks from stage two.

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