Orienteering with 2 percent vision

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One of the great heroes of the O-Ring made his debut in the competition on the third stage. Jan Thorin from OK Tyr in Karlstad has only two percent vision, but still made it around his 3.5 km long course.

No one has tried to take part in O-Ringen with such a visual impairment before and Jan beams with joy at having succeeded.
- It went better than expected, I'm very pleased!
- I had thought I would need an hour and a half, but I only needed an hour and ten minutes.

In order for Jan to be able to read the map at all, he has been given a very enlarged map where a stretch between two controls fits on an A3 sheet of paper. For the next stretch, he takes out a new A3 sheet of paper with the next stage and like that he continues the entire course.
To even get around in forest terrain with his sight is an achievement, how is that possible?
- Well, it is a bit tricky, but it works.
- It was most difficult to get up to a hill where I had a control, my escort had to support me a little. It's still fun to be out in the terrain and not just on roads and trails.

Jan is not an experienced orienteer, the first time he tried that sport was a year ago. However, there is no doubt that he enjoys the challenge.
- No one has done this before, but I managed it. Now I'm looking forward to the next stage, but first I'm going to eat a good piece of meat!

(In the picture you can see Jan's enlarged map with the distance between the eighth and ninth controls.)

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