A long-distance guest in O-Ringen - Nathan from the other side of the Globe

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One of the most long-distance guests in this year's O-Ringen is Nathan Borton from Auckland, located on the north island of New Zealand. He runs in H20 and has never been in our area before.

- I've run the World Junior Championships in Europe, but I've never been to the north as far north as I did in Scandinavia.
-I'm not used to this terrain, the forest is denser here than I'm used to and you can't see that far even where it's white on the map.

Nathan missed the most on the first check and the fifth. A novelty for him was that there were help curves on the map, he was not used to that. Another difference compared to how it is in New Zealand, he thought, was the knolls, which are usually clearly larger in his home terrain. It was also in the search for a check at a small knoll that the biggest miss of the day came. He searched the terrain for a long time before finally arriving at the checkpoint.

Participation in O-Ringen has been on the wish list for a while.
- Yes, I definitely wanted to participate in the world's biggest orienteering competition and I would like to come back to the O-ring next year.
After O-Ringen, a trip across the border to run a sprint in Trondheim now awaits. After that, it will be the World Cup in sprint in Prague for the experienced junior.

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