Training before O-Ringen - Foot Orienteering & MTBO

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Foot Orientering and MTBO

Welcome to our training courses for Foot-O and training map for MTBO


Get the right feeling for the real competitions by runnig one of O-Ringen Åre´s training tracks with timekeeping during the period Thursday 18 July to Sunday 21 July.

The training courses will be offered at Djupeträsk approx. 3 kilometers from the O-Ringen Square. Signage for parking and start will be clear.

Registration takes place in our booking portal or via competitor services at the O-Ringen square. No registration on site. You will get your map at Competitor services, where you also will read your SI card after your race.


There is a training map for MTBO, the map can be purchased at the participant service at O-Ringenstaden. Screens are exposed without stamping equipment/timekeeping. Available July 19-21st. The area is the Kristineberg map in the kringell light track Kristineberg. A suitable starting point is the parking lot of the electric light track.

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