Welcome to Yoga Mindfulness at O-Ringen

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Monday to Thursday

Stretch and recover with Yoga-Mindfulness

After a day competing in the forest, it can feel good to stretch out and really relax before the next day. You can do just that with us on Monday-Thursday in the mews at Fredriksbergs Herrgård.

The movements in Yoga-Mindfulness are made focusing on presence rather than performance, where everyone can take part at their own level. Whether you’re old or young, flexible or not, it doesn’t matter. Yoga meets you where you are. So bring the whole family and join us!

We make calm, soft movements that stretch your body, drawing attention to the experience itself and to your breathing. This lets your thoughts settle and allows to you to be more present, improving your focus. You also gain a better awareness of your body, while training both your flexibility and strength. This can help you as an orienteer, of course, but can also be useful in everyday life.

We finish with some relaxation, where the effects of the exercises can integrate into the body and you can recover before the next day.

Our yoga teachers are from Yoga-Mindfulness Centre in Oskarshamn, part of the network Yoga-Mindfulness in Sweden. We are all trained in Bikash Acharya through the institute Growth Health & Care AB, which gives us continued training and guidance.

We have classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4.45-5.30pm and
7.00-7.45 pm.

Book your place via the booking portal at oringen.se. If there are any free places, you can also register at the class and pay using Swish. The price is SEK 150 for adults and SEK 100 for ages 16 and under.

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