Åre area


Björnen is located a little way up on the mountain east of Åre. There is everything from small simple cottages and apartments to large luxurious houses the higher up the mountain you go. At the very top is the Copperhill hotel with a wonderful view of the Åre Valley.

Åre by

In Åre village, you live in the middle of the city and close to several really good restaurants and to the O-Ringen square. There is a large selection of hotels, apartments and cozy shops here. It is also inside the village of Bagheera youth relay will take place.


Midway between Åre and Duved is the cozy cottage area Tegefjäll. There are several beautiful hiking trails here and you can easily and quickly reach both the tree line and the beautiful nature area Ullådalen. If you choose a cabin higher up on the mountain, you get a fantastic view of Åre.


About 1,500 people live in the village of Duved, eight kilometers west of Åre, and there are also a lot of holiday homes here. If you live here, you can easily get to the various stages as one of the O-Ringens satellite parkings with direct buses to the competition areas will be located here. Plus also for a grocery store in the middle of the village!


The village of Undersåker is located a couple of miles east of Åre, midway between Trillevallen and Björnen. Here is also one of the competition's two satellite parkings where direct buses to the competition areas depart from.


About 2 miles from Åre. Unbelievably beautiful environment with its fantastic hiking trails. Välliste around is a favorite that attracts runners and walkers of all ages. Here you can also visit a historic mountain hotel that has offered world-class service since 1938. Trillevallen is a very popular ski resort for both alpine and cross-country skiing. Stages 1 and 2 are decided here.


You can find it 2.5 miles east of Åre, and is the center of Åre municipality with a few restaurants, shops, petrol station and cinema. There is a high school and the municipal hall here. Stage 3 for the Foot-O will be decided here, as well as a stage for MTBO. Did you know that ice hockey players Henrik and Joel Lundqvist have Järpens IF as their parent club? Our campsite, Molanda Camping, is located a few kilometers west of Järpen.


A small village located approximately 3 miles from the Norwegian border. Ånn has approximately 50 permanent residents. Camp Ånn is located here. Ånn is a well-visited birdwatching area. From here starts a system of paths and branches with several bird towers and hiding places. The railway between Östersund and Trondheim has a stop at Ånn station. Road E14 runs through the village. Here are stages 4 and 5 for the Foot-O.


The Vålådalen nature reserve is a well-visited excursion destination located approximately 30 km from Åre. Vålådalen has a varied landscape with rugged mountain expanses, flourishing valleys and lush mountain forests. There are also large marshes, shiny lakes and flowing water here. The highest mountain peaks reach over 1,600 meters. In the reserve are Anaris-, Bunner- and Lunndörrsfjällen. You can make a day trip to the top of Ottfjället, or hike for several days through roadless country and spend the night in mountain huts. Reindeer from two Sami villages, Tåssåsen and Handölsdalen, graze in the area.



Huså is a quiet little village located about 3o km from Åre on the north side of Åreskutan by Lake Kallsjön. It is an old mining town that has its own ski resort, camping and restaurant. If you ski off-piste at the back of Åreskutan, you can get here to Huså. Here you have the opportunity to climb the slopes on energetic Icelandic horses with your own guide. In this nice little village, there are around 100 permanent residents.


Is an old village that is incredibly beautiful with a view towards the back of Åreskutan. The area in Kallbygden is as large as the landscape of Blekinge or the country of Monaco, and the area can boast that their own lake, Kallsjön, is the county's 3rd largest lake. In the northern part of the village are the nature-protected Skäckerfjällen. Kall has a wonderful mix of mountains, lakes, cultivated land and untouched wilderness. There is a church here that dates back to the Middle Ages.


Located in southern Årefjällen, about 30 km from Åre. The village is located on the slope towards Lake Ottsjön, which is surrounded by mountains. In Ottsjö there is Ridvadet, a historic hiking trail that goes over the water, on the other side of the lake you are met by a fine sandy beach. Ottsjö is located in the Undersåker district and has approximately 100 inhabitants. The village is 20 km from the popular tourist resort Vålådalen. In the nice little ICA- Ottsjöbua, there is most of it. There is good fishing in Ottsjö for those who are interested, but don't forget to buy a fishing license!


About 35 km east of Åre. Located very beautifully by the Indal River. Sweden's first sanatorium was inaugurated here in 1891, which consisted of a main building, doctor's residence and bathhouse. In Mörsil there are grocery stores and a junior high school, also a restaurant with a pub and accommodation. 900 people live in this small settlement and is located between Åre and Östersund.


A familiar mountain village in southern Årefjällen, 23 km from Åre By. There are many hiking trails here and you can climb to the top of Renfjället with a magical 360° view. The village is located on the southern slope of Renfjället in southern Årefjällen at an altitude of approximately 600 meters. The resort has its own lift system and several accommodation facilities for both summer and winter guests, as well as a caravan campsite. Most of the residents are employed in the tourism industry, but also in agriculture and forestry.


Located 8o km from Åre. and when Åre residents go to "town", it is Östersund we are talking about. Östersund is a growing city that is incredibly beautiful next to Lake Storsjön. Here you can enjoy the pulse of the big city, but also mountains and nature. In the center there are lots of shops, pubs and restaurants. Here you can go to Storsjöyran, which is one of Scandinavia's biggest music festivals. You will also find Östersund's ski stadium, which is a world-class biathlon arena. In the summer, it is also used for roller skiing, running and mountain biking. It is in Östersund that stages 1 and 2 of the MTBO are decided.


The municipality of Krokom consists of 193 villages located between Åre and Östersund. With an ideal location close to both the city and the mountains, it is a municipality that is very attractive to move into. A very welcoming municipality that welcomes new residents. The municipality is known for its good schools and childcare. In the municipality of Krokom, basically all villages can boast a fantastic view of our beautiful mountain world.


One of Norway's largest cities, located 165 km from Åre. Trondheim has a very old history and belonged to Sweden between 1658-1660. The Norwegian language and Jämtland are very closely related. Trondheim has 160,000 inhabitants, 25,000 of whom are university students. Here you can see the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral, the second largest cathedral in the Nordics. There are beautiful parks, nice hotels and restaurants here. Fishing is a big industry here and in the afternoons you can buy fresh prawns directly from the trawlers that come into the harbour. You can get to Trondheim easily via the E14 or by train via Storlien. From Åre by car, it takes about 2.5 hours to Trondheim and about 1.45 hours to Vaernaes International Airport.