Hard / soft beds

In Järpen, you can live very affordably indormitory rooms at Racklöfska school, Jämtlands Gymnasiet, Lunden and CultureSchool. The accommodations are next to each other.

Soft beds mean that you live in adormitory with 15–20 places. You get your own bed, duvet, and pillow. (bring your own sheets) Most of the sleeping placesare in Lunden and a smaller number in the Culture School. About 210 soft beds.

Hard beds mean that you live in a dormitory with 5–20 places. Here you are assigned your own sleeping place and you bring your own bedding, blanket, and pillow. About 200 places.

Toilets are adjacent to the dormitories and showers are nearby, in Röjsmons Sports Hall. There is also one of our O-Ringencampsites in the area. There will be barbecue areas for cosy barbecue evenings. Outdoor furniture will be available, but feel free to bring your own folding chair! Indoor cooking facilities are not available. Refrigerators and freezers will be available to a limitedextent, as well as freezers for ice packs

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