Stage 1 - MTBO

Nåsten - Long distance

The first stage will take place in Nåsten which is a large nature reserve located just at the western edge of Uppsala city. The forest located closest to Uppsala is criss-crossed with paths and will require careful navigation to find the right way, most of the paths in this area are very well maintained and allow fast riding if you can manage it without losing track of where you are.

Further away from Uppsala, crossing the valley of Håga with its open fields and a stream there is a more sparse path network with long trails, gravel tracks, horse tracks as well as some very technical MTB paths. The long trails are wonderful to ride once you get used to it and you will interchangeably ride “up" on more or less bare rock before going “down” to pass through the small marshes, the elevation difference is just a few metres up and down. Several of the marshes have small narrow bridges built across in order to protect them from too much wear. These bridges are wide enough to allow riding across if you manage to keep your balance, but it’s usually not possible to meet someone coming from the other direction.

Large parts of Nåsten have been spared from modern forestry and today its beautiful nature and wilderness is preserved amongst others by leaving fallen trees in the forest, this in combination of heavy vegetation might make some areas hard to bike.

Distance to start: 2600 m

Course setter: Magnus Blåudd

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