Stage 1 - TrailO


Forrest terrain with smaller with smaller hills, mostly good visibility with a few steeper slopes. The area has been used for Trail-O many times but this time with a new couse setter and new angles of approach.

Scale 1:4000, equidistance 2,5 m.

Basically an Foot-O map where some small adjustments have been made.

Arena Pattons Hage, intersection Vårdsätravägen – Nordhemsvägen. Same arena as Foot-O and MTBO. Only handicap parking at the arena, please use our stage buses or local buses line 11, bus stop Källbovägen or line 7 bus stop Martallsvägen.

First start 15.00 once MTBO is over. Participants with stage start has free start times between 15.00-16.30.

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