Stage 2 - Foot-O

In stage 2 you will once again see one of the finest nature reserves in Uppsala – Nåsten. It is time for long distance.

You will be running in the northern part of the forest with its wilderness character in the west and the sharp Hågadalskanten in the east. The forest consists of old coniferous forest with mostly good line of sight and some smaller and denser parts in old logging areas. Runability is mostly very good but is limited in some parts by denser areas or ground vegetation in wetland areas. The spruce bark beetle coupled with winter storms leave some windthrows in the terrain.

The longest routes will also reach parts outside the reserve with larger logging areas and some areas with rocky terrain. The youngest and oldest competitors and everyone at the end of the routes, will see a hiking forest north of the arena with some meadows and a denser trail network.

We route planners have tried to challenge the competitors with pronounced long-distance routes where technique must be adapted to variable challenges in the terrain.

The route to start is easy for start Ramirent, Tork, SIA and Ormsalva, while you will need more time for the route to start Alewalds, Bagheera, SLU och Suzuki that follows hiking trails to the starting areas.

Course setter: Johan Ohlström, Dorothe Spillman
Course controller: Annika Billstam, Andreas Hjertsson, Lars Olsson, Jessica Söllvander
Mapper: Christer Eriksson

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