Stage 2 - MTBO

Vårdsätra - Middle distance

The Vårdsätra forest is a small forest in between the urban areas of southern Uppsala used as a recreational area for walking, running, biking and skiing - the large fields which are maintained almost like a park are usually the best place for the true Uppsala citizen to ski as soon as the first centimeter of snow has fallen during winter.

The path and track network has dedicated MTB tracks, walking paths and hardened tracks. The courses will pass through urban areas and maybe you will get a chance to experience Uppsalas express bike lanes.

Despite the area's valuable flora and fauna, this will be the only stage we are not riding in a nature reserve. The courses on this stage will be intense with lots of controls and constant switching from one path to the other.

Distance to start 1500 m

Course setter: Magnus Blåudd

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