Stage 3 - Foot-O

Another long distance., we now move to the north part of Lunsen and the arena in Sävja, about 8 km with bike from O-Ringen city.

No Elite tour runners today since they had their third stage yesterday.

Lunsen is unique in many ways. It is one of the largest forest areas in central Sweden that completely lacks elements of forest roads. Large parts of Lunsen have a wilderness character and are almost completely unaffected by forestry.

Flat terrain awaits the runners in the northern and eastern parts of Lunsen. The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points in the competition area is no more than 25 meters. The area is almost entirely made-up of older coniferous forest. Large areas are protected nature reserves and there are no clear-felled areas. In the more low-lying parts in the north there is a significant amount of spruce. Here the line of sight can be limited without the terrain being inaccessible. Use your compass! Further south the competitors will see the most typical part of Lunsen: The beautiful but difficult to navigate pine forest on slab terrain. Here there is a multitude of heights, escarpments, and rocks. Look out for parallel errors!

There are also many small and some larger marshy areas. In a normal summer they have good runability. The biggest challenge on the easier routes is to keep track of all the trails. On the harder routes the important part is to master the transition from good line of sight in the pine forest to the more treacherous and branch cover of the spruce forest. And, of course, to always maintain map contact. If you lose that it is difficult to get it back.

Close to the arena, near the residential area Sävja, there is a well-developed trail network used in the shorter routes. The trail network gets successively sparser further away from the arena, and the longer routes will traverse wilderness terrain. Here there are also parts with denser woods and undergrowth.

The route to start consists mostly of gravel roads and larger trails. For start Ormsalva and SIA Glass there is a shorter distance outside the trail network that can be a bit slower to traverse. For start Bagheera, SLU and Suzuki parts of the route follow smaller trails where passing other runners can be difficult.

Course setter: Elisa Hamelius, Samantha Saeger, Mats Troeng
Course controller: Annika Billstam, Andreas Hjertsson, Lars Olsson, Jessica Söllvander
Mapper: Jerker Boman och Karl-Erik Engblom

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