Stage 3 - MTBO

Stadsskogen - Sprint

In the afternoon there will be a Sprint in the small nature reserve Stadsskogen which is a forest located almost in the center of Uppsala. This is yet another stage with a truly dense path network which is very fast to ride. There are bike paths, jogging tracks, walking paths and horse tracks but no dedicated MTB tracks.

Hardly any path is considered hard to ride, if they are, it’s just for very short. There are lots of small marshes and ponds with steep edges in the forest, these are old quarries where stone for the construction of, among others, the cathedral was broken.

Course setter: Per Melander

Stadsskogen - Try MTBO

When the competition classes have started, there will be courses available for anyone to Try MTBO. We hope this will attract many of the orienteers who have been away on their third stage in Sävja during the day.

Please remember to tell your friends and club mates about this opportunity! The arena is small and cozy, used only by MTBO and TrailO who will have their third stage there in the morning.

Start time: 16.00-17.30

Price: 170 kr

Course setter: Per Melander

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