Stage 4 - Foot-O

Once again, we have a new arena, this time at Flottsund where Fyrisån flows into Ekoln, the northern most part of lake Mälaren. The middle-distance of the day is decided in the southern part of the Lunsen nature reserve.

The shorter routes and the final parts of all routes, traverse the detail poor, and fairly trail rich slope down towards the arena. Those who run a longer route will experience the really characteristic parts of Lunsen – flat and detail rich wilderness terrain consisting of many smaller marshy areas and low outcrops of bedrock. Despite good line of sight and good accessibility it will be a challenging run through wild rosemary and bilberry bushes. There are also some areas with larger rocks/slabs and smaller areas with denser vegetation.

On the more difficult routes the path selection problem will have a different detail level than normal forest orienteering. The challenge is to find the paths in the terrain that are easy to run, as close to the line as possible and at the same time identify the details on the map that enable secure orienteering. A path choice with a short running distance is generally a good path choice at stage 4.

The route planners have been working on middle-distance routes that also incorporate details from somewhat longer distances to give you the opportunity to experience the most difficult parts of this unique orienteering terrain.

The paths to start has good runability since they use larger trails through lichen pine forest.

When going to the last control point all runners will pass road 255. This road will be closed during stage 4 and 5 from 07:00 till 17:00. But the road might be used anyway by emergency vehicles if there are any emergencies. Runners therefore need to be alert when crossing the road, even if the road is closed.

Course setter: Niklas Aldén, Josef Nordlund
Course controller: Annika Billstam, Andreas Hjertsson, Lars Olsson, Jessica Söllvander
Mapper: Jerker Boman och Karl-Erik Engblom

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