Stage 5 - Foot-O

The third stage in beautiful Lunsen. Now we are beginning to understand what this is all about. Here we have classic Lunsen terrain with small, lovely hills and wonderful wetlands in between them.

The longer routes enter areas with a bit denser forest, still easy to run in but with poorer line of sight. Here it is especially important to maintain your sense of direction and really think about the orienteering. There are some fire areas and larger marshes that offers variable route choices. Runability is very good, and the terrain is only slightly rolling.

Near the arena there are some trails that will be used in the easier routes and all routes will also end here.The wonderful wilderness character of Lunsen and the built-up areas nearby offers variable routes for long-distance. Here the focus is not always on the classic problem of route choice. It is, instead, the implementation that will take centre stage. For when the trails disappear and the bogs and heights converge, it is easy to get lost, even for an experienced route planner.

NOTE! In the competition area there are some water-filled marshes and passages in the form of bridges have been built (marked on the map). These bars are not very wide, so we ask that you show consideration when meeting.

All starts have almost the same path to start. Accessibility is good, but partly you walk on
smaller paths so take your time.

When going to the last control point all runners will pass road 255. This road will be closed during stage 4 and 5 from 07:00 till 17:00. But the road might be used anyway by emergency vehicles if there are any emergencies. Runners therefore need to be alert when crossing the road, even if the road is closed.

Course setters: Olof Eriksson, Jenny Westerbergh
Course controller: Annika Billstam, Andreas Hjertsson, Lars Olsson, Jessica Söllvander
Mapper: Jerker Boman och Karl-Erik Engblom

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