Stage 5 - MTBO

Uppsalaåsen - Extended middle distance

The final stage of O-Ringen Uppsala will take place along the Uppsala esker in another wonderful nature reserve. The esker was formed during the last ice age when ice covered most of Sweden, when the ice melted away lots of sediment, rocks and sand was left behind in a nice long line which in total is more than 250 km long.

The part which passes through Uppsala offers a significant rise of 40-45 meters in the otherwise quite flat landscape. Along the entire eastern edge of the competition area runs the Fyris river. The path and track network in the competition area is very dense, it primarily consists of hardened tracks and asphalt paths which are very fast to ride. The area also offers dedicated MTB tracks including a downhill track.

Only in a few places when going up or down the steep edges of the esker, there will be loose sand and gravel tracks. Most courses will pass through urban areas. One such area is under development and is partly deserted, this is ideal for MTBO but also a challenge to map as some construction has already started.

The O-Ringen city is centrally located on the map and the courses will pass nearby, please be advised that all forested areas around the camping area are embargoed and should be considered out-of-bounds for all MTBO participants - please see the Model event map for exact details. The route to start will be marked from MTBO-P, thus avoiding the need to go back and forth to the arena before start. Distance to start 1900 m.

Course setter: Magnus Blåudd

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