Elite Tour

PM Elite tour Pdf, 124.1 kB.

PM SLU Elite Sprint Pdf, 815.5 kB.

On this page, the evening before each stage, we will publish a list of the runners who will wear GPS on the stage.

GPS runners Stage 1 Pdf, 98.6 kB.

GPS runners Stage 2 Pdf, 99.7 kB.

GPS runners Stage 3 Pdf, 117.8 kB.

GPS runners Stage 4 Pdf, 93.5 kB.

GPS runners Stage 5 Pdf, 115.3 kB.

Here is the selection for the Elite Tour O-Ringen Uppsala 2022:

Selection Elite Tour 2022 Pdf, 91.2 kB.

Reserve list Pdf, 169.4 kB.

Note that runners on the reserve list must notice their interest for elite class to elit@oringen.se to get moved up to elite class in case there are any vacancies.