Final details - Bagheera youth relay

Legs and team composition







2,1 km




2,1 km




2,1 km




2,1 km


Team lineups
Enter team on using your booking number. Deadline: 23 July, 20.00.

Studenternas football arena, for start, changeover and goal.

Parking bike/car
Car parking: see visitor parks for O-Ringen or parking places down town. Bike parking: regular parking places outside the arena. Please note that Ulleråkersvägen is closed during the relay (14.00-20-00).

Assembly area/Quarantine
The quarantine opens 15.00. All runners have to be in the quarantine no later than 15.30. Please note that quarantines are different for runners on leg 1 and those on legs 2-4. Runners on legs 2–4 will walk over to the Northern Stand before the inauguration ceremony, whereas runners on leg 1 remain under the Southern Stand. Runners on legs 2-4 move to the changeover area after the ceremony.

Team envelope
Can be picked up at the entrance to the quarantine from 15.00. The envelope contains bib numbers but no safety pins.

Warm-up area
Competitors can warm up under the southern stand, and in the arena. However, no warm-up can occur in the arena during the ceremony (15.50-16.30).

Punching system
Sportident (not touchfree). SI Chip number is entered when entering team lineups on The runner is responsible for clearing and checking the chip when entering the arena. A reserve clear unit will be available in the change-over area. For chip renting, please visit the Competitor service (deltagarservice).

Assembly runners leg 1
Runners on leg 1 remain under the Southern Stand during the ceremony, and enters the arena when the ceremony is over. Please move swiftly to the start.

Directly after the end of the ceremony, 16.30, from the southeast corner of the field. Runners run counter clock-wise and leave the arena through the southwest corner. That is, runners on the first leg leave the arena through the same finishing lane and will thus leave and enter through the same lane.

Change-over and finish
Runners on legs 1-3 punch the chip on the finish line, leave the map and run to the change-over area where they find the map for the next leg. The runner takes the map and leave to the runner on the next leg. Teams taking the wrong map will be disqualified. The affected team will get a new map but no time compensation.

The finish is through a separate lane with finish official.

All runners have to proceed to download by the finish line, and are not allowed to return to the change-over area after finished race.

Will be announced by the speaker if needed

Sten Sture, Scale 1:4 000, 2022, Contour intervals 2 meter. Sprint rules – ISSprOM 2019–2

Out-of-bounds area
Some out-of-bounds areas are marked on the map, and in the terrain. The roads north and west on the map are forbidden for runners.

Controls are marked with orange/white flags on wooden stands, with at least two SI boxes. Make sure to check control code numbers and that you punch all controls.

Control descriptions
Only printed on the map.

Terrain description
Closest to the arena is a steep ridge, that all runners have to pass, whereas the terrain on the other side of the ridge is flat and consists paved roads and large houses. The road closest to the arena will be closed for traffic, whereas car traffic may occur in the area on the other side of the ridge. Please be careful when crossing roads and parking places.

Clothing and shoes
No clothing restrictions, but shoes with metal studs are strictly forbidden. Shoes will be checked when entering the arena.

Link to live results will be published on

It is strictly forbidden for runners or team leaders that are in contact with runner to view the online streaming. You are only allowed to view the large screen on the arena.

Picking up maps
All team maps are handed to the last runner after finishing.

Price ceremony
The price giving ceremony take place on the arena after the finish of the competition, around 18.00. Prices to the first 3 teams.

This competition will take place according to the Swedish Orienteering Federation’s rules for sprint competitions.

By the quarantines.

Shower/changing rooms
Not available on the arena.

Course setter
Fredrik Wigertz

Course controller
Jessica Söllvander

Map maker
Mats Troeng

Arena speaker
Per Forsberg
The sound is distributed on Radio O-Ringen

Event directors
Event director Bagheerastafetten: Peter Hambäck, +46-730-765126
Assistant director: Lovisa Hambäck
Director administration: Ross Smith
Event director O-Ringen: Bo Strand

Competition jury
Johan Näslund, Event director O-Ringen Åre 2023 (chair)
Helen Hanstock, Event director MTBO O-Ringen Åre 2023
Johan Andersson, Event director O-Ringen Smålandskusten 2024
Magnus Svensson, O-Ringen Jönköping 2025