Orienteering school

Together with Bagheera we offer our orienteering school at Arena Pattons hage, Arena Sävja and Arena Flottsund.

It is mostly meant for new orienteers, both young and old, who want to learn the basics of orienteering. However, former orienteers or those who have taken breaks from the sport and want to refresh their skills are also welcome!

Find us at each arena in a tent marked with a large “Orienteringsskola” sign.

At the Orienteering School, we will cover all the necessary skills that you need in order to set out by yourself on an easy-level O-Ringen course. We will then come with you to the start and help you get going. If we have enough personnel, we can even join you out on your course in the woods if you think that would be helpful. Once you finish, please come back and tell us how it went, show us your routes, and maybe get a few more tips for improving your orienteering technique.

For who: Anyone who wants to go out and try a course at O-Ringen
What´s included: teaching, textbook and follow-up
Opening hours: 8-13
Place: At our main arenas
Price: Free of charge

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