Training courses with timing

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Get in the right frame of mind for the week of races ahead by running O-Ringen Uppsala´s training courses with timing during the period Thursday July 21 - Sunday July 24 (Foot-O).

Registration is via our booking portal or at our Competitor service at the O-Ringen square. No registration on site. You get your map at Competitor service at O-Ringen Square, where you also read your Sportident badge after the race.

For those of you who want training at MTBO, activities are offered (by another organizer) on Friday July 22 , Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24 - information and registration in Eventor External link, opens in new window.

Training courses with timing replace what we previously called training race. With the training courses, you are now given the opportunity to run a course when it suits you during the period above. The courses have timekeeping with Sportident and result lists are presented as the Sportident badges are read.

If you have previously booked a training race, that booking will automatically apply to the new product instead.

If you instead wish to cancel a training race and be reimbursed for it or get your difference refunded, you need to contact By Nordiq with your booking number and your bank details.

Contact By Nordiq at

The training courses will be offered at Hammarskog, a scenic recreation area a few kilometers outside Uppsala with the opportunity for swimming in Lake Mälaren. Signage for parking and start will be clear.

The following courses are available to choose from:

  • Mycket lätt 2 (Very easy)
  • Lätt 2,5 (Easy)
  • Lätt 4 (Easy)
  • Medelsvår 3 (Medium difficulty)
  • Medelsvår 4 (Medium difficulty)
  • Medelsvår 5 (Medium difficulty)
  • Svår 3 (Difficult)
  • Svår 5 (Difficult)
  • Svår 7,5 (Difficult)

Fees for the different booking periods

Training courses with timing





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