Plenty of training opportunities are available if you want to stand at the start line of O-Ringen with some extra preparation. Buy one of our training maps or participate at our training race.

The training race will take place Saturday July 23 2022 and is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the waiting terrain. Find more information about the training race.

The training maps for 2022 will be released in May.

We offer training in areas near Uppsala that are similar to the competition areas, including the completely newly drawn map in Östuna, which was intended to be a stage at O-Ringen 2020 but which needed to be moved due to fellings.

The areas offered are:

  • Östuna (Foot-O)
  • Fåfängorna (Foot-O)
  • Hammarskog (Foot-O+MTBO)

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Map sample - Östuna Foot-O

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Map sample Fåfängorna - Foot-O

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Map sample - Hammarskog Foot-O

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Map sample - Hammarskog MTBO