Bror Hjorts hus

Bror Hjorths Hus will be extra open 12-8 pm during the activity day, Wednesday 27 July.
Our museum hosts are very chatty and happy to tell visitors about the art in the museum.

We have several activities for the whole family that encourage exploration of the museum.

Briefly about the museum:

Bror Hjorths hus
Colorful artist home with great personality. Bror Hjorths hus is an artists' museum in Uppsala housed in Bror Hjorth's former residence and studio. In addition to Bror Hjorth's art, exhibitions with other artists are shown in an added art hall. The museum also has a museum shop and café section.

Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) is considered one of the great modernists in Swedish art, as much a painter as a sculptor and also a skilled draftsman. His art is a celebration of love, music and life.

The exhibition Rebeller & Mademoiseller shows art by Emma Toll (1847–1917), Tyra Kleen (1874–1951) and Märta Rudbeck (1882–1933), three pioneers around the turn of the century 1900 who paved the way for subsequent generations of Swedish female artists.


Open Tue-Sun 12-4pm

and Wednesday 27 July from 12-8pm

Museum shop and café corner
Postcards, books and artist materials
Organic coffee/tea, juice, lemonade and cookies, buns and treats from Triller.
The museum's garden is a calm, green oasis in which to have coffee.

Fun for the whole family

All opening days

The explorer bag
Go on a journey of discovery in the museum.
We have packed a bag with fun tasks to solve.
In Lilla Bror Hjorthguiden there is information about the art in the museum adapted for younger visitors.

Face bingo

For art scouts in the whole family.
Who manages to get BINGO first?

Clever challenge for both young and old.
Challenge yourself or a friend. Can you find all the errors?

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