Opening ceremony

Welcome to the Opening ceremony Sunday July 24 16.00!

The opening ceremony for O-Ringen 2022 in Uppsala will be held in the arena Studenternas located in central Uppsala. It is easy to find next to Fyrisån and Stadsträdgården. At the entrance you will be met by Pelle Svanslös and Maja Gräddnos - two famous characters from Uppsala.

The opening ceremony starts at 16:00 and we will be treating you to a programme that shows off Uppsala in both sound and pictures. The ceremony is led by Jacke Sjödin (maybe you heard any of Jackes 42 corona songs during the pandemic) and Anna-Karin Nytell Oldeberg, AKO, will be singing.

The ceremony concludes with the starting shot for the Bagheera relay around 16:30, where we hope that more than 250 youngsters will be running out from the football pitch and out into the surrounding environment. The relay can then be followed from Studenternas where the changeovers and finish can be seen live and on the big screen you can also the runners at one of the control points along the route.

En bild

Foto Per Aage Nilsson, FOJAB