O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 has a very concentrated concept without in any way renouncing the orienteering experience. This is possible because Uppsala has many urban nature reserves that has been preserved for outdoor life.

Easy to get here

It is easy to get here. Trains from all directions stop in Uppsala. By car it is only 30 minutes from Arlanda, 45 minutes from Stockholm and 75 minutes from Kapellskär harbor with boats from Finland. Uppsala's central location makes it possible for many to share the joy

Bicycle distance

If you live on or near O-Ringen City camping, you have cycling distance to all of the stages (4-8 km) and close to experiences and activities in Uppsala city and its surroundings.

Travel by car

Uppsala is close to most people and is easy to get to. If you travel with your own car and caravan / motorhome, you will probably turn off from the E4 or from one of the major country roads 55 or 72 and get to the O-Ringencity by Ultuna a little south of the city center.

Take the train

We would like to recommend you to take the train. It stops in the middle of the city from where you reach both the arenas and O-Ringen City with several city bus lines operating Uppsala. Or why not take the bike on the SL commuter train here and ride to the competitions.

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