Bus from the O-Ringen city and satellite parking

Although we expect that most people who live in or near the O-Ringen city will bring their own bikes and cycle to the stages, we will of course offer a bus for those who wish. Both from the O-Ringen Square and from the satellite parking.

From the O-Ringen city it is less than 4 km to stages 1 and 2 and to stages 4 and 5. Stage 3 is about 8 km away. If you do not have a bicycle with you, the short bus ride takes 10 minutes and the bus stops right at the arenas. Buses to the arenas depart from the O-Ringen Square.

From the satellite parking, it takes approximately 12 minutes to both Arena Pattons hage and Arena Flottsund. A slightly shorter bus ride awaits to Arena Sävja.

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