Satellite parking for all stages

To make it easier for participants who do not live at the O-Ringen city or near the arenas, we offer a spacious satellite parking for all stages.

The satellite parking is located at the exit of the E4 Highway by IKEA, Coop and Boland city. From here, as a participant, you get a short and smooth bus ride to Arena Pattons hage for stages 1 and 2 in Nåsten, Arena Sävja for stage 3 in the north of Lunsen and Arena Flottsund for stages 4 and 5 also in Lunsen.

Parking at O-Ringen city

In the area around the O-Ringen city there are a number of workplaces and other public areas with existing parking spots. These can be used by O-Ringen participants at the current parking fee. There are no parking guards or directions to the parking spots.

Overview parking - O-Ringen city Pdf, 1.1 MB.

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En bild