Changes for age groups 75 years and above

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A number of you have requested that we change how we organise competition classes for runners aged 75 years and older.

We are therefore very happy to be able to present these new changes.

- No more classes D75 Short, H75 Short, D80 Short and H80 Short

- Classes D/H75-95 will have a free minute start

- Classes D/H75-95 will use the start previously used by D/H 80, giving a shorter distance to the start for classes D/H 75 and for runners who previously ran the short class.

Runners just turning 75 may find they have slightly longer courses than in the 70 Short class but, on the other hand, there will be a shorter distance to the start. We feel that this is more important than a couple of hundred metres out on the course. The start for the short classes (D/H17-20 Short to D/H70 Short) often needs to be located further away from the arena to allow for the best courses for everyone starting from that start. Just as before, the last control will count as your finish time for classes D/H80+ on stages 1 to 4.

We hope that these changes for our older runners will make it possible for more people to continue enjoying O-Ringen, even when you legs aren’t quite as quick as they used to be.

Many competitors have requested not to have two different classes for the relatively small number of runners in the D/H75 and -80 age groups. We hope that having just one class will mean a better sense of camaraderie, as everyone in each age group runs in the same class.

Preliminary distances to the start for classes D/H 75-95 and for short classes


D/H 75-95

Short classes

Stage 1

1200 m

1500 m

Stage 2

1600 m

1200 m

Stage 3

1200 m

1900 m

Stage 4

1600 m

2900 m

Stage 5

1200 m

1600 m

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