All agreements signed for O-Ringen Sundsvall 2028

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Now everything is set to start off the work with O-Ringen 2028

Since January, it has been clear that O-Ringen will be in Sundsvall 2028 and yesterday all agreements were also signed.

Sundsvall's municipality stands together with Sundsvall's Orienteering Club, Selånger Ski and Orienteering Club, Kovlands IF, VK Uvarna, Timrå Ski and Orienteering Club and Ånge Orienteering Club ready to host O-Ringen 2028.

- Having the agreements signed is really gratifying. O-Ringen is a fantastic opportunity for us to highlight Sundsvall's and our region's beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage and wide selection. At the same time, we put the city on the map for a wider audience. It feels incredibly inspiring that together with our associations we are creating a host that will attract more visitors, investors and immigrants. In addition, O-Ringen is predicted to provide a financial profit of millions for the entire hospitality industry," says Fredrik Eriksson, Director of Destinations at Destination Sundsvall.

For O-Ringen to be an unforgettable experience, the power of the committed sports associations is a decisive factor. Another strength is the municipality's long experience as a profiled outdoor municipality. The goal is to create a sustainable O-Ringen from a social, economic and ecological perspective.

- The collaboration with O-Ringen is an important part of the work to strengthen Sundsvall as a place to live, work and visit. O-Ringen contributes to putting Sundsvall on the map and provides new opportunities for experiences for both visitors and residents. In this way, the event is a piece of the puzzle in the work with a growing municipality, says Niklas Säwén (S), chairman of the municipal board.

See you in the city between the mountains in 2028!

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