Close to 8,000 registered for the summer!

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The interest for O-Ringen Smålandskusten 2024 is great and after Sunday's first registration stop, we can see that the forecasts point to a large number of participants.

A lot of registrations where made during the weekend in connection with the first registration stop and together with that there was also a strong demand at the campsites in Döderhultsdalen.

Anders Strömbäck, project manager:

- It feels fantastic that there are already 8,000 orienteers who have chosen to sign up. In addition to being very gratifying, it also feels good that we have created a concept that appeals to many and creates good conditions for a real folk festival in 2024.

The concept around the O-Ringen Smålandskusten 2024 focuses on community and proximity to the orienteering, but also experiences outside the competition itself.

- Now it's just a matter of continuing on our successful path. We have lots of preparations left to do with the goal that all participants will have a fantastic O-Ringen week with many wonderful orienteering memories and holiday experiences, concludes project manager Anders Strömbäck.

We warmly welcome all participants to O-Ringen Smålandskusten 2024!

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