Competition areas


Rosenfors (Hultsfred) – stage 1 and 2

Woodland area with substantial elevations. Accessibility is variable with stony ground mixed with denser stands of deciduous trees between the heights. Some detailed areas are present. In the area there is quite a lot of rock and a lot of steep parts.

Gunnarsö (Oskarshamn) - stage 3

Woodland with small to moderate hills and areas rich in detail. Accessibility is generally good with a large element of outcrops. Towards the arena, all courses pass through an area rich in trails.

Havslätt (Oskarshamn) - stage 4

Area with moderate hills and a lot of trails. Accessibility is variable with stony ground mixed with denser foliage between the heights. Some detailed areas occur.

Flathult (Oskarshamn) – stage 5

Overall good accessibility, with denser stands and rejuvenation areas. The terrain adjoins stage 4 and consists of woodland with moderate hills. The last stage is less detailed than stages 3 and 4.

Oskarshamns city centre – Bagheera Youth relay and Elite sprint

Combination of city and park area in the central parts of the city with a finish line directly adjacent to Oskarshamn's inner harbour.


Four of the stages are decided on areas rich in trails with exercise tracks in Målilla, Berga and Oskarshamn. One of the stages is in Oskarshamn's city park.


All the stages are in areas rich in trails. In stages 1, 2 and 4, nice MTB areas with many different surfaces are used. For stage 2, an area with forest roads will also be included. Stage 4 passes through a residential area with narrow paths and short slopes. The 5th stage gets an alternating combination of exercise trail area, trail-rich area and a finish in a MTB area.


Here is a map showing where the competition areas are located.

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